STV Zero

The climate crisis is humanity’s greatest challenge.

Everyone needs to play their part to face that challenge – STV included!

STV Zero is our sustainability initiative, ensuring we do our bit to help tackle climate change and contribute to a more sustainable society.

TV is kinda our thing

Making, broadcasting and streaming it

Doing that sustainably is more important now than ever before

So we’re proud to say that STV is now a certified CarbonNeutral® company

We’ve also partnered with project albert and Ad Net Zero to ensure all programming and commercials produced by STV and STV Studios achieves net zero carbon emissions by 2030

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Small changes today
Big difference tomorrow

To the people across Scotland eating less meat, saving water, shopping local and religiously sorting your recycling – we see you!

It’s all those wee things that add up to make a big difference. That’s why we wanted to use our STV Zero promo campaign to recognise all you do to make a positive impact, no matter how small.

Did you spot the albert logo at the end?

That’s there because the production of this promo campaign was made as sustainable as possible. From locally produced catering with seasonal ingredients to environmentally friendly makeup and upcycled costumes.

STV is focussed on becoming net zero carbon by 2030.

Our ambitious sustainability strategy outlines how we aim to hit that target and all the other things we’re doing to promote and champion sustainability.

STV is one of many businesses in Scotland and we all need to play our part to make our economy and society more sustainable.

So to help, we’ve created the STV Green Fund – offering £1m of STV advertising airtime to Scottish businesses championing sustainability.

Run a business in Scotland?

Scotland is beautiful. And it’s full of people doing their bit to keep it that way.

In a brand new series for STV, Sean Batty travels across the country to meet some of Scotland’s sustainability champions, picking up his fair share of litter and sustainability tips along the way.

Don’t Waste Scotland is just one example of how we’re commissioning, broadcasting and streaming programmes that celebrate sustainability.

Don’t Waste Scotland features as part of The Green Hub on STV Player. From a property show exploring eco-friendly homes to an eye-opening documentary about an airborne climate scientist circumnavigating Britain – it’s got something for everyone.